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At: Monday February 17, 2003   08:20:47
By: rachelle assouline

Comments: I hug you and kiss you and wish you the very best in everything. I get your newletter daily and read it from start to finish. My love and affection to the entire crew.

At: Sunday February 16, 2003   23:01:00
By: rhea markovitz

Comments: please put me on your email list--thank you

At: Thursday January 23, 2003   23:06:45
By: Sylvanna Dove Seydel

Comments: I have been hearing so many anti-Semitic, anti-Israel remarks lately. It is a welcome thing to have a resource to combat these remarks with the truth.

At: Monday January 20, 2003   23:36:30
By: Loretta Nelson

Comments: I used to be receiving regular updates from your site, but have not received anything in quite some time. In any event, please restore my name to your list of people getting regular updates and articles. I forward them to all interested family members in the US and Europe. Don't let my last name fool you -- I am a Jewish girl, born and bred, went to Ahavas Moische Synagogue in Brooklyn on Maple Street during the 1950s, 1960s, some 1970s and also lived in Rehovoth, Israel for a year. Am Yisroel Chai!! G-d is on our side, as He always has been, even through the darkest times.

At: Friday January 17, 2003   22:01:24

Comments: no comments

At: Friday January 17, 2003   05:33:32
By: Ryan Shevlane

Comments: Great site! Media bias against Israel needs to be countered - this is 2002, not 1942.

At: Friday January 10, 2003   04:51:45
By: Anthony Lustigman

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday January 07, 2003   22:41:57
By: Moishe Sachs

Comments: is an important link to have on your site. The book "From Time Immemorial", by Joan Peters, is significantly important for a wealth of historical background information.

At: Tuesday January 07, 2003   02:22:33
By: Karen Michelle Michael

Comments: I regularly receive your update. I really appreciate all your work.

At: Monday December 23, 2002   15:57:19
By: Leslie S. Diamond

Comments: Keep on telling the truth - there's precious little of it our there.

At: Friday December 20, 2002   14:52:13
By: Derek Spencer Taylor

Comments: My wish to sign your guest book is the only way I can confirm that I'm glad I found your site. It gives me an insight into what I thought was happening but prior to your news, I could only read between the lines of our national dailies. Coming from Londonderry in Northern Ireland, I do have sympathy for the ordinary people whose lives are terrorised and I dispair of all the 'liberal' armchair experts worldwide who justify murder of innocents in the name of their 'one true God'. I shall be returning to your site to give myself a better understanding of the situation and allow me to counter the anti Zionist proprogandists in my own small way. Keep up the good work.

At: Friday December 20, 2002   09:24:01
By: Ma'n Abdul Rahman

Comments: I hope that there will be peace one day.

At: Friday December 06, 2002   13:47:28
By: albert l. rosen

Comments: fascinating reading.worthwhile when you crave the facts.albert l. rosen

At: Tuesday December 03, 2002   00:50:21
By: Yekhil Brodsky

Comments: Your updates are welcommed

At: Friday November 29, 2002   18:20:37
By: Jenna Jameson

Comments: Great web site! I love the content, pics and hard work; hugs and xxx , Jenna

At: Friday November 22, 2002   23:41:00
By: Margarita Gruver

Comments: I want to read as much as possible about this conflict. I think this war is affecting the whole world and there are no winners. to make matters worse 2 countries are slaughtering each other. Still believe that there will be peace...

At: Monday November 18, 2002   15:24:23
By: Jeppe B. Nielsen

Comments: Is it possible to spare a bit of server space for some self-criticism and some nuances in the covering of this conflict? It seems to me that this conflict DOES go beyond the Good-Bad dichotomy. Unfortunately your site is very unlikely to ever constitute a source of information for anyone with just a small portion of analytical and critical reading skills. Could you enlighten me as to the somewhat dubious title? Since when has the historical data pertaining to a particular event become absolute? At best, this is very naive propaganda, no different from the war rhetoric of the current Bush administration. Regards - Jeppe

At: Tuesday November 12, 2002   20:41:43
By: Timothy Morris

Comments: I would just like to say what a help this website has been. I am currently locked in a debate regarding middle-east politics, and have used this site frequently for backup. As is in real life, the teams playing the UN and the PA have double-teamed our team Israel. For the record, I am Catholic, but have no problem defending Israel's right to her homeland. I am a 21 yr old College student.

At: Monday November 04, 2002   13:37:42
By: Mike

Comments: Best!

At: Saturday November 02, 2002   08:51:40
By: Rich Stetsky

Comments: Hey Joe: I enjoyed your piece and your insight. When we lived in Connecticut, I was the president of The Coalition For Middle East Peace. We were a pressure group that contacted members of Congress with our suggestions for reducing tensions in the Middle East. It got nowhere, and probably will never get anywhere because intelligence has been replaced by emotions. If you're interested, I will outline our position. Look forward to hearing from you. Rich

At: Thursday October 31, 2002   09:40:50
By: <a href="">ebiz</a>

Comments: is a very informative site. Found you by accident but I'll definitely be back. We certainly need some TRUTH on this issue. <a href="">ebiz</a>

At: Thursday October 17, 2002   15:13:13
By: marco antonio barbosa fontes

Comments: I want Peace for everybody. t's very important for all.

At: Monday October 07, 2002   21:46:30
By: Howard C. Marshall

Comments: My heartfelt prayers and alliance are with God's people in Israel.

At: Saturday September 28, 2002   10:36:21
By: Joshua Bris

Comments: Thank you for the resources. Keep up the good work! Best website templates online -

At: Tuesday September 24, 2002   18:45:45
By: Markus Burke

Comments: Cool site. There's some pretty good stuff in here. I think it's its really fair of you guys that you leave even some of the more despicable comments in the guestbook (even if it gets my blood boiling!). Just wanted to show my support for Isreal here. I have loved Israel for as long as I can conscioulsy remember, I have always found a very warm welcome on my occassional meetings with Jews in the local synagogue. If G-d would give me a second life, conditional that would not be allowed to be born Anglican and British again, I would must definitely choose to be Jewish and Israeli. By the way -I never thought I'd say this- I found the Bill Clinton quote very inspiring; the one about getting a rifle to defend Israel. God bless, Markus

At: Friday August 16, 2002   23:13:26
By: janet bosley

Comments: I pray for Israel daily and also that we ( America )will not forsake our mother ( Israel )in your time of need, that we will continue to support Israel in every way we can May God grant us spiritual wisdom in these times of trouble Don't give up,God is with you....Its your land and He will intercede

At: Thursday August 15, 2002   17:19:04
By: Robert S Roath

Comments: I would be interested in receiving your daily infomation articles

At: Thursday August 15, 2002   11:08:41
By: Arthur W. Keyes

Comments: My gift from GOD is to pray for the peace of Israel, it is all I have been allowed to do for a year now. I have preached in my church about it and my family thinks I am a fanatic because of this task, Help me pray with wisdom.

At: Friday August 09, 2002   11:51:05
By: Debra


MidEastTruth Editor: Warning: this site contains extremely graphic and disturbing images.

When a Palestinian sniper kills a baby he's doing it deliberately - he has the time to aim, think and pull the trigger in cold blood. The same goes for a suicide bomber in a public place - he has all the time in the world to see all the civilians, including children, before he blows himself up in cold blood.

On the other hand, an attempt to stop these snipers and suicide bombers from killing more civilians - even if sometimes, accidentally and tragically, civilians are killed in the process - is a life saving act.

In both cases, innocents are being killed, but in the first case we're talking about the killing of civilians for sake of killing civilians - deliberately, and in the second case we're talking about attempting to stop the killing of civilians and attempting to save lives. There is a clear moral distinction here which must be obvious.

As for abortion, that argument has no place here.

At: Friday August 09, 2002   01:11:09
By: Ruth Rosen

Comments: There is no such thing as a Palestinian civilian. Every man, woman and child who calls him/herself a Palestinian has been indoctrinated, brain-washed and taught to believe that their primary mission here on this earth is to hate Jews and Kill Jews and eventually, they do just that; therefore, they should be regarded as soldiers even if they don't wear a uniform. That is why they don't wear uniforms. They want to be perceived of as civilians by the rest of the world so they can whine when Israeli soldiers defend themselves and fight back, and rightly so. Every Palestinian child who is killed by an Israeli soldier is one suicide bomber less to have to contend with in the future. Reading your presentations is soothing to my tortured heart. Thank you.

MidEastTruth Editor: We disagree with your comments. This argument is wrong for two reasons. First of all, factually it is incorrect, because there are many Palestinian civilians who want to live normal lives and who don't hate Jews, Palestinian men, women and children who seek peace. It is dehumanizing and immoral to lump the entire Palestinian people into one pot -- that of the terrorist. Secondly, your argument is dangerous because it gives a justification for all those Palestinians who would try to make the same claim about Israelis -- that they are all soldiers, either present, past or future members of the IDF, and therefore they are all fair game. This is exactly the opposite of what Israel and the civilized world has been trying to show all the time. Even wars, as horrible and cruel as they are, must be fought in a "somewhat" civilized manner, that is, between combatants, and leave the civilians out of the fighting on both sides. We are disturbed that you would find solace in our site to encourage such extreme views.

At: Thursday August 08, 2002   15:37:55
By: David Kotsar

Comments: my favorite website

At: Wednesday August 07, 2002   02:02:53
By: paul

Comments: I found this site very interesting. I have always supported Isreal in the fight for their land. I sypmphatise with what is happening in Isreal, the innocent victims that are killed by suicide bomber by palestinian. We as outside world can see that it is not the innocent palestinian that are creating all this but the so called Islamic fighters that has been brain wash by those leaders all over the world.

At: Sunday August 04, 2002   15:06:52
By: Brandstadter

Comments: I like your site, and i hope one day this site in french, there are plenty to joing your site. Best regards schalom vekoltouv

At: Sunday August 04, 2002   07:31:45
By: Leif Halvorsen

Comments: It's good to see the truth comming trough all the lies. May God bless Israel and His city Jerusalem!

At: Thursday August 01, 2002   04:26:57
By: Ruth Nathan

Comments: Thank You for your great site. What we need now is a creative thinking to find a way to put all this info. down the throats of the hostile and criminal media all over the world whose reports are one sided feeding the viewers/listener with distorted information. Where is the Jewish mind in the Propganda War?! If it's lack of finances then it is about time to understand the great importance of this side of the battle and put whatever finces needed into it. Thank you for reading my comments and Yishar Koach! Ruth

At: Tuesday July 30, 2002   02:23:04
By: Saul Shmil

Comments: Very informative

At: Monday July 29, 2002   20:08:41
By: Rich Wilkenfeld

Comments: no comments

At: Friday July 26, 2002   12:36:45
By: irvin albrecht

Comments: SHALOM!

At: Sunday July 21, 2002   19:45:27
By: francis apaloo

Comments: hello ineed you

At: Friday July 19, 2002   11:04:45
By: Pamela Pullman

Comments: This is the most informative web site on the Middle East. I spend my time going from one site to another getting as much information on Israel and the M.E. situation and often send article to my friends. Most of them are from this site. Keep up the GREAT work!

At: Friday July 19, 2002   09:28:31
By: mike a.

Comments: great site Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing

At: Wednesday July 17, 2002   20:54:56
By: e.koffler

Comments: keep up the goodbwork!!

At: Wednesday July 17, 2002   12:07:29
By: Robert & Jean Clayman

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday July 16, 2002   03:51:22
By: rabbi dovid lewis

Comments: kol hakovod

At: Friday July 12, 2002   16:58:25
By: marvin kahn

Comments: no comments

At: Thursday July 11, 2002   23:17:26
By: Emmanuel Abikhzer

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday July 09, 2002   22:27:18
By: D.R.B.

Comments: There is a joke hidden in the Idetity Crisis of the Noble Arab Race. The word Palestine itself is Archaic Hebrew and not Arabic. Jerusalem,Jericho,Sinai,Jordan,Nazareth,Meggido Bethlehem,Hebron,Jaffa etc. are all Biblical[!] Hebrew and NOT Arabic names. First Ali Baba pilfers your name, then Ali Baba pilfers your Holy Jewish Land... Very clever,but I.D.Crisis inducing...

At: Monday July 08, 2002   14:42:59
By: Robert W Coshland

Comments: The left wing and liberals have show that deep down they really despise the Israel government and the people. Its ironic that for years the average Jewish person was Democrat and liberal. Its the aspect of supporting the little guy or the disadvantaged that gave the American Jews the idea that you need to be Liberal, or rather its was better to be liberal in your politics and thinking. Suddenly the years of support and liberal leaning by the Jews in this country has been wiped away by the strong anti-Israel leaning media and especially the press! I find it totally unacceptable for decent people to somehow feel that suicide bombings can be justified. But now we see day after day stories and details somehow trying to justify this action. We condemn the hijackers who took the planes on Sept 11th and turned them into bombs, yet the news media interviews families of suicide bombers and somehow tries to paint a positive picture on them. They are honored for their sacrifice; they are rewarded with money from some governments. If the Arafat government would have operated like normal governments do and tried to do things for the good of the people we would be seeing a growth of services and quality of life going on in their new country. Accepting the Oslo accords in 2000 would have seen today a thriving economy in what would have been the new Palestine country. But today we see conditions far worse and fighting and death. Yassir Arafat never had any intention of seeing the formation of a new country. He doesnt know how to operate except through terrorist type actions, he had no idea, or didnt care about a normal functioning country. I am ashamed of the people in the world who dont see the link between the 911 murders and the suicide murders. They are all one in the same, murders of innocent people. I applaud President Bush for deciding we cannot deal with the current leaders in Palestine, especially Arafat. No one should dictate to our country whom we have to deal with. If the people of Palestine want to continue with a murderer and terrorist for a leader then they will pay the price for that decision. We need more web sites that explain the real truth to the people like this one.

At: Wednesday July 03, 2002   14:05:11

Comments: no comments

At: Monday July 01, 2002   22:55:49
By: Elktree The Klingoninator.

Comments: Long may you and Israel live in Real Peace,in the blessings of Hashem. Arab enemies leave and cease your illeagal occupying of jewish land! You Blood soaked murderer's G-d will hold You to Account! in The Torah we are told to kill the shedders of innocent blood, you are a forfeted soul, drowning in your own mind pollution.To my Brothers And sisters of Eretz Yisroel, Am chai Yisroel Chai! and Shalom. May the comming of the ADoni TZvot Wake our fallen and David Melech in our days that we live.

At: Friday June 28, 2002   22:36:00
By: harriet kalinsky

Comments: no comments

At: Thursday June 27, 2002   20:02:06
By: david dinkin

Comments: I am very interested in Israel Your site is wonderful keep it going.

At: Tuesday June 25, 2002   23:26:36
By: David Engel

Comments: Good Website. But we have work on trying to reach the unconverted.

At: Tuesday June 25, 2002   05:12:02
By: terror


At: Monday June 24, 2002   13:27:31
By: Frankshadsit Khalolam

Comments: I do not respect the fact that everytime I see a critisizing comment on your website it disappears the second day & u only keep very fews ones! Are u too scared to publish the opposing and maybe convincing view?

MidEastTruth Editor: We usually remove hate comments from the site. We never remove any other comments.

At: Sunday June 23, 2002   16:22:03
By: A Friend

Comments: Gila Kessler,19 years young. May G-d avenge her death. Just a short note to tell you all about our friend, Gila Kessler who was murdered in cold blood by a genocide bomber at the French Hill bus stop in Jerusalem last Wednesday night. Those of us who loved her, looked for her the whole night at every hospital. We called her on her cell phone over and over again. But she never answered. Only when her family had no choice but to go to the city morgue was the awful, chilling truth revealed. Gila was killed by a maniac homicide bomber who deliberately targeted babies and women. Gila worked for the Jewish Agency and a beautiful website has been dedicated to her memory: Gila, we love you. You were the sunshine of everyone's life. You lit up the room every time you entered. We cannot believe you will never be here with us again. Please G-d, stop this carnage. Love, Friends of Gila

At: Sunday June 23, 2002   16:08:55
By: Leah Mayer


At: Sunday June 23, 2002   07:47:58
By: Stanley Barasch

Comments: Thanks for the important work that you're doing.

At: Saturday June 22, 2002   02:55:29
By: Nada Mogh

Comments: So if palestinians kill Israeli kids they are called terrorists but when Israelis kill Palestinian kids intentionally u call it heroism? stop being biased and seing things from one point of view...I pity you...and your inhumanity...

MidEastTruth Editor: There is a existential difference between armed men deliberately entering discos, public parks, or buses with the intention of killing as many civilians (men, women and children) as possible with a suicide attack, and civilian casualties which are sustained unintentionally as a result of a military campaign, which is an inevitable tragedy of war. (For example, there is no comparison between the deliberate murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 and the unintentional deaths of the Afghani civilians killed during the American military response to this attack -- as tragic as these deaths might be). In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the difference in the deaths on both sides can be seen by the relative number of noncombants (women and children) who are killed -- over 55 percent of the Palestinian dead were combatants, and only 25 percent of the Israeli dead were combatants. Moreover, less than 5 percent of the Palestinian casualties were female, while over 30 pecent of Israeli casualties were women. (see "Targeting Toddlers," and the ICT research.)

At: Friday June 21, 2002   22:37:28
By: Chana Meira Wadman

Comments: Shalom, Will read when Shabbas is over. Shabbat Shalom, Chana Meira

At: Monday June 17, 2002   13:34:30
By: arlene peck

Comments: Looking forward to joining your stable of journalist...excellent publication!

At: Sunday June 16, 2002   03:36:17
By: Shalom Hamou

Comments: Enough!? <a href=""> </a>

At: Saturday June 15, 2002   05:56:27
By: Arnold Prezman

Comments: We need many more publications like this one Thanks to your wonderful work

At: Friday June 14, 2002   15:04:48
By: Stanley Garber

Comments: Great source materials.

At: Thursday June 13, 2002   16:40:01
By: Kate Deutsch

Comments: Great site, good articles, keep up the great work. "Am Yisrael, Chai!!!!!"

At: Monday June 10, 2002   19:15:22
By: Adina (

Comments: I love how all the anti-Semitic assholes who sign this were too cowardly to put their e-mail addresses... CUZ THEY KNOW WE'RE RIGHT! Maybe THEY should read up on THEIR history. FYI, Arabs haven't been in "Palestine" for more than 130 years...they came b/c the Zionists were building up the area and the Arabs gravitated towards job opportunities. Jews have NEVER LEFT "Palestine" and NEVER WILL! Keep on promoting the truth...the truth is that the root of all terrorism starts with the people who don't support peace...and supporting Israel equals peace.

At: Thursday June 06, 2002   12:13:15
By: Andrew Baldwin

Comments: An awesome site. Just found it today.

At: Wednesday June 05, 2002   13:26:29
By: Stan Rosch

Comments: This is my first visit to this site. I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

At: Tuesday June 04, 2002   11:56:34
By: syed suhair


MidEastTruth Editor: We usually remove hate comments from the site, but we decided to leave this posted so that the words can speak for themselves.

At: Thursday May 30, 2002   02:10:08
By: Ruth Lowry

Comments: I just now found your site. It is a treasure!Some friends of mine feel Israel is doing too little to "get the word out." I know and you do, that ISRAEL and not the Palestinians is THE victim. The Palestinians are victims of their own "leader," Arafat. We know too that there will NEVER be peace (Palestinian state or not)so long as terrorists cling to their vow to destroy Israel. Keep up your great work. If I can help,as a former journalist who has lived in Israel (Kibbutz Dorot, and Beersheba in 1967,please advise. Meanwhile I do what I can with pieces to our local newspaper in support of Israel. Shalom,Ruth Lowry (nee Agar/Eger

At: Wednesday May 29, 2002   20:00:19
By: Herbert Racklin

Comments: Have not had the time to peruse the site carefully yet, but am looking forward to doing so shortly.

At: Tuesday May 28, 2002   13:25:34
By: derman

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday May 28, 2002   06:06:17
By: Jon M. Haraldsson Zeisel

Comments: Great site

At: Monday May 27, 2002   13:05:09

Comments: I have been a lover of Israel for about 40 years as I am told in scripture "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee"

At: Sunday May 26, 2002   22:33:10
By: Otto Langsner

Comments: This is my first visit. Your site looks good. I will forward to my friends.

At: Thursday May 23, 2002   16:20:09
By: Tony Sellers

Comments: A great site, well done. I live in N.Ireland and have lived with terrorism for over 30years. Our goverment is now trying to give the terrorists from both sides a "legal face". Take my word for it this does not work. HOLD FAST A lot more people than you think are with you.

At: Thursday May 23, 2002   10:13:10
By: Sally Loper

Comments: no comments

At: Thursday May 23, 2002   07:52:01
By: Debbie Katz


At: Wednesday May 22, 2002   03:22:32
By: rachelle assouline

Comments: I am for peace too. But it takes two to balance that act. Let's all stand for a safe Israel, free from terrorist acts, which are only terrorist acts and not martyr acts. Let's be courageous and call a cat a cat. Israel wants to live in peace in her little, very little piece of land. Let her live! Palestinians, stop wanting to push her to the sea. It is not a courageous act, it is cowardly. Just as is cowardly to use acts of terrorism rather than face fighting soldiers.

At: Wednesday May 22, 2002   03:15:09

Comments: Brilliant web site! Let Israel know she is not alone..that there are also many non-Jews who love her and hope and pray for her deliverance from hatred and tyranny....

At: Wednesday May 22, 2002   01:11:58
By: illan dubb

Comments: really important "stuff" here a one-stop shop for our communities world-wide to know just what is going on at home..

At: Tuesday May 21, 2002   23:51:17
By: Barbara Berman

Comments: Great website!!

At: Tuesday May 21, 2002   10:17:47
By: Howard Rausch

Comments: Good compilation includes some material not widely seen

At: Tuesday May 21, 2002   09:34:05
By: Rosemary Levin

Comments: An important and excellent web site I have found immensely rewarding.Thank you sincerely!

At: Monday May 20, 2002   15:58:57
By: Barbara Finn

Comments: I applaud your visible effort to help the world think that Peace is better than terror. If all the money and effort put into terror and aggression were put into education, housing and food millions more people would be happy. The terrorist elitist club they wish to belong too is a sad illusion of their importance. Does it make them think that they are all @Mr. Big'

At: Sunday May 19, 2002   15:40:54
By: Esty R.

Comments: What a wonderful site. Keep up the good work!

At: Saturday May 18, 2002   19:20:07
By: Mickey Solomon

Comments: Will this war & hatred in the Middle East as well as the rest of the world ever end?? When I look at people from other countries, I see the people first instead of their ethnicity & they are more like me than not. I have a difficult time hating someone because they are from a different country & have different beliefs. To hate someone because they are Arab, Black, French, Asian, whatever, without knowing those people as individuals is unexplainable to me. It hurts my heart.

At: Saturday May 18, 2002   13:56:20
By: Henry Oliner

Comments: a very important site- you need to make it easier to donate money. Have a link that says "To donate..."

At: Friday May 17, 2002   15:49:55

Comments: Keep up the good work.

At: Friday May 17, 2002   00:38:31
By: Sondra Weiner

Comments: Excellent site - thank you.

At: Wednesday May 15, 2002   18:23:42
By: Dr. Nancy Bonus

Comments: Great site! I have recommended it to those on my email list. Thanks, Dr. Bonus

At: Tuesday May 14, 2002   17:11:42
By: Manny Dworman

Comments: Please add me to your e-mail list

At: Tuesday May 14, 2002   11:40:31
By: Renata Faermann

Comments: This site is excellent, very, very good. Keep working on it. Let's pray for peace in Eretz Israel. Am Israel Chai.

At: Monday May 13, 2002   06:15:45
By: Emanuel Cohen

Comments: MidEastTruth is an excellent project presenting the truth about the middle east conflict. You should market the Website to much more people around the globe .(I do this to my friends) Good Luck !!!

At: Saturday May 11, 2002   11:05:02
By: H.F.Huebner

Comments: this site as a trustworthy alternative to all the irresponsible rubbish which governs the public opinion in germany / europe ? one would wish to take it as such ! one thing seems to be sure. israel must give up their settlements as far as these are motivated by religious blindness and not essential for their defense. and israel must, with every right in the world, and regardless of what the rest of the world might think, eliminate the present regime of palestinian murderes and terrorists including arafat. israel must defend itself. the west should support israel in doing so, and should not start back opportunistically. and the eu stop to send the taxpayers money to palestinian terrorists. one can only feel sorry for the terror-stricken israelis and for honest palestinians, who have to bear the crimes of their leadership.

At: Friday May 10, 2002   11:23:54
By: Jack A. Bellan

Comments: no comments

At: Friday May 10, 2002   10:06:02
By: Rachel Goldman

Comments: Jewish brothers and sisters of the world! Unite! Boycott French products! Cancel your subscriptions to the New York Times and the L.A. Times! Don't visit Germany! Chazak!!!

At: Friday May 10, 2002   09:34:53
By: Sunny Apfelbaum Shasha

Comments: Please keep it up...

At: Thursday May 09, 2002   21:42:03
By: Jake Selinger

Comments: Excellent site. You should forward this information to all Western Media outlets on a regular basis. Keep up the good work.

At: Thursday May 09, 2002   11:21:45
By: Dave and Pat Stanton-Humphreys

Comments: We pray for Israel confident in the assurance of God

At: Thursday May 09, 2002   07:41:45
By: Betsy Silver

Comments: I very much appreciate all that you are providing at this site. You are doing such good work. Thank you !!

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   23:43:16
By: Theodore Greenman

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   18:48:24
By: cantor yehuda rottner

Comments: please send me evrething you print in this web,this is my cantry,this is my pepull,and this is "OUR LAND" "yasher coa;h"

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   16:58:08

Comments: Bush and Powell are out of touch with the needs of the people. To bad it is not time for a new election.

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   13:42:00
By: Pamela Pullman

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   13:33:55
By: max neuman

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   09:51:08

Comments: You are teh best its graet web site i love you so much

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   09:14:55
By: Leah

Comments: We live in Israel and we feel very much alone. However, the recent wave of unity amongst Jews of nations throughout the world has inspired us. Thank you for your support. We feel the warmth of your love. Please keep the flame glowing. In addition, I personally believe that the power of boycotts is strategic in getting our message across. Boycotts of anti-Israel newspapers, anti-semitic countries' products, etc. will hopefully wake people up. In any case, if nothing else, your prayers are very much appreciated. And unity is what Hashem has always wanted from us. I think we're making Him very happy right now. ;-) With love from Israel, Leah

At: Wednesday May 08, 2002   08:49:11
By: Bracha Etgar

Comments: no comments

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At: Tuesday May 07, 2002   14:34:32
By: Rafael V. Rabinovich

Comments: Dear Friend of Israel: Shalom uvrachah! I am writing to you to inform you of the petition that a group of supporters of Israel from Peru have written, addressing our president and requesting his support for Israel. The petition is now posted on-line so that the general public can read it, sign it, and pass it on to others. I would like to ask you to help publicize the petition, as well as to encourage supporters of Israel in other countries to write similar petitions addressing their respective governments. It is very important to do so, because the PLO activists are flooding the offices of world governments with their propaganda. And in order for our petition to be taken seriously, we need as many signatures as it is humanly possible to get. I will greatly appreciate if you could ask your webmaster to place a link from your website to the petition site, which you can find at: An English translation of the petition text is already posted there, and a Hebrew one is in preparation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Sincerely, Rafael V. Rabinovich Juntos por Israel

At: Tuesday May 07, 2002   10:44:43

Comments: Estoy convencida que la guerra por cualquier motivo que sea, lleva a la destruccion del mundo, roguemos por la Paz, pero no a cualquier precio. Paz con Paz , no con guerra.

At: Tuesday May 07, 2002   08:38:53
By: David A. Hes

Comments: Awareness of world-wide anti-semitism appears to have some connection to the current events of the Middle East and how it is conveyed through the world media. Bias is ever present and seems to be generally and constantly in favour of anyone but the Jewish world population and Israel. Jews around the world must be heard as being united for Israel, democracy and the religous freedom of all. I firmly believe that this wonderful and informative venue, Mideast Truth, will help enlighten and educate all who read it. It is important to inform everyone, young and old, of this website.

At: Tuesday May 07, 2002   02:04:49
By: Leonard Minkle

Comments: A friend just told me about your website, it's great. I've been checking newspapers across the country for articles I can send to my friends, you've just made my job a lot easier.

At: Monday May 06, 2002   14:20:17
By: Elder Sherman Lewis O'Guinn

Comments: Israel Must Live! is our motto in B'Nai Shalom or Dabar Shalom. Our prayers daily are for eretz Yisrael. Arafat is a Terrorist and wants all of Israel! He will not settle for just a Palestine State. He has not in the past and never will in the long run. The World ignores his speeches in Ramallah. Zecharyah the Prophet tells us what will happen in the 12th and 14th chapters. The Almighty is making a move to get all the nations together as He did in the days of Noach and will destroy the evil of this world and then there will be Shalom. Sha Ahlu Shalom Yerushalayem ve Yisrael.

At: Sunday May 05, 2002   13:10:58
By: Suleyman Bardavid

Comments: congratulations s.bardavid

At: Sunday May 05, 2002   09:00:02
By: Yoav, Jerusalem

Comments: I am deeply touched by your support and sympathy to our ongoing suffering, here in Israel. Someone actually understand what we are going through, someone actually got things right, someone is our friend in this antisemitic insane world in which black is white, wrong is right, and a murderer of a 5 year old girl is a victim. Thank you.

At: Saturday May 04, 2002   20:36:53
By: Gideon and Gail Stern

Comments: We enjoy reading the truth for a change. Thank you for enlightening the public.

At: Saturday May 04, 2002   19:45:38
By: Richard Maggini

Comments: Great site I just found today, I'll be spending a lot of time here.

At: Saturday May 04, 2002   14:26:55
By: Henry Oliner

Comments: Outstanding- I direct as many people as I can here.

At: Saturday May 04, 2002   13:29:42
By: Manuela Cohen

Comments: interesting and informative - very useful pages, much needed in Europe and in Italy!

At: Friday May 03, 2002   08:44:55
By: Aviva Maller

Comments: Amazing website. Finally, the truth about Israel. Can we get the best PR Agency in NY to work on Israeli PR? We need it! I just met 7 active duty officers of the IDF and they were incredible and I learned so much about the TRUTH in Israel. They (in Israel) have no idea about the support they have in us in America and around the world. We need to tell them - to give them strength so that they can keep fighting to protect onot only Israel but all free, democratic countries all over the world. Israel is Americas only ally in the Middle East we need to show them that America has NO DOUBTS about their intent - which is singular -to fight terrorism and only terrorism. This web site is a beginning to awareness - How can we spread the word more effectively. Am Israel Chai!

At: Thursday May 02, 2002   18:03:58
By: Greg Zolot

Comments: Cool site!

At: Thursday May 02, 2002   15:19:49
By: Hossam

Comments: Killing oneself for any cause, in my point of view is not justified. But we understand that when a person sees no future for himself/herself, lives in the worst conditions at refugee camps in his own country, is threatened at all times, has to work as a laborer on his own land for his occupier -- while someone coming from Poland or Russia or the USA or elsewhere enjoys life in his native country, having all the rights he lacks in HIS land, having access to everything he is denied... this is slavery in the 20th/21st century. I've asked about the 16 year old girl who killed herself with a bomb, and many with her. Do you know what drove her to this? Have you ever thought why a beautiful young girl would kill herself? A murderer? Did you know that this girls father was assassinated? So was her brother. She was left alone in a country under occupation. She had a cause. Dying as a martyr was the answer, in her point of view. The notion of better die on our feet than live on our knees is a strong one in all viewpoints in our part of the world. Do you still believe she is a murderer? I have little doubt that you do. Your media most probably has repeatedly told you that Palestinians are ruthless murderers. Let us look at another example, a volunteer with the Red Crescent. She used to go home horrified every day at the scenes of Palestinian injuries. I was crying throughout the interview at the testimonies of the people whom this 18-year-old girl aided. Did you ever see this interview on TV? I am sure you did not, your media only gets the Israeli side and you never seem to see our side. Do you think someone volunteering to help in a humanitarian cause would attempt murder! That is the perverse Israeli Hasbara or propaganda machine talking. Why did she do it? Again it is the occupation that pushed her towards avenging her people, a nation with no tanks, no planes, fighting with bare chests and stones for over half a century, yet the World doesn't care.

MidEastTruth Editor: Nothing can justify terror. Nothing can justify the murders of women and children. There are a lot of desperate people in the world - much more desperate than the Palestinians - in Africa, the far east and other places. They don't kill innocent people. The Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews. No Jew thought about killing innocent German women and children. Even during the Holocaust itself, during the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto - when Jews had weapons, they didn't use it to kill the innocent. The whole families of these Jews were gassed and burned. They were going to be burned. It wasn't about checkpoints. . . But for them, and for any civilized man and woman, life is a value and killing the innocent is WRONG!

You asked "Do you know what drove her to this?". Yes I know: Brainwashing for murder by the Palestinian Authority's "education", which turns killers into heroes and role models. SHE'S THE PRODUCT OF A SOCIETY WITH NO VALUE TO LIFE THAT EDUCATES ITS YOUNGSTERS TO KILL; a society that believes that valuing life is a sign of weakness, not strength.

At: Wednesday May 01, 2002   16:52:02
By: Eld.Sherman Lewis O'Guinn & Marceal A. O'Guinn

Comments: This is a beautiful site and we are glad that our main representative in Jerusalem told us of this site for the facts of the news as it happens in eretz Yisrael. havenu shalom alechem le kol shel Yerushalayem ve yisrael. Our prayers are for you daily.

At: Wednesday May 01, 2002   16:17:23
By: Carl David Wikander

Comments: Fine work!

At: Wednesday May 01, 2002   15:36:15

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   23:58:16


At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   19:55:08
By: Howard Huge

Comments: Your cartoon section is simultaneously hilarious and sad because of the cold truths they disclose. I love the variety of different artwork styles and the method by which they satirize the buffons on the left. Keep up the good work.

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   19:40:14
By: Phillip Borden

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   18:31:16


At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   17:00:22
By: yaron zoller

Comments: Your website is great. It's time for Israelis and Jewish people all around the world to start put some effort for public relations and to explain the world what is the real situation in the middle east.

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   16:27:58
By: Allan McGregor

Comments: I am new to this site, but was introduced by Jay & Meridel Rawlings. I often find myself having to speak out against the lies and propaganda, all too prevalent here in the British/European media - even writing to the press (with some success), and your site provides the kind of invaluable information I require to rebut much of the Anti- Israel nonsense I am confronted with. Thank you. Allan McGregor

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   16:00:29
By: Ilana Konstantinovsky

Comments: This a great web-site, I live in Israel and I have made a home page for the truth too. Thank you for fighting this important battle for the truth. G-D bless you, (

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   13:42:03
By: H. Donald Spangler

Comments: Excellent prestentation. However, you're preaching to the quire. Israel is losing the Public Relations war. Far too many people have any idea what the truth is. When will arafat's last chance be his last chance? when will the world rid itself of this s.o.b. that deserves to die a horrible death and soon? Where is the Pope in all this? The "church" owes us one by now.

At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   13:40:01


At: Tuesday April 30, 2002   04:29:42
By: Ivan Kaiman

Comments: Excellent presentation --- hopefully it will also impact on Arafat followers.

At: Monday April 29, 2002   20:00:22
By: Abraham Dattner

Comments: I just got a glimpse of your amazing newspaper. I hope your circulation includes as many influential people as possible.. God speed.

At: Monday April 29, 2002   16:02:43
By: Menahem Ben Or

Comments: I am happy about your activity.I am sotry about tha-e small number of visitors in this site Thank you for your effort to see some trues among the big lies. Menahem Ben Or

At: Monday April 29, 2002   11:37:44
By: Bruce Blumenthal

Comments: Great site! We need more and better Israel advocacy.

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   21:10:00
By: Murray S Katz

Comments: no comments

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   18:17:25
By: Elizabeth Glick

Comments: I was so impressed with your publication. Thank you so much for making it available to Jewish Americans like me. Israel is always in my thoughts--day and night.

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   10:12:10
By: avi salomon

Comments: no comments

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   09:10:28


At: Sunday April 28, 2002   09:03:58


At: Sunday April 28, 2002   06:36:19
By: Alan W Benjamin

Comments: I hope the non-jewish world sees this website

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   06:05:55
By: Erol Keribar

Comments: We need to show the world the exact figure of the terrorists we need to show the facts, thankyou for this web page.

At: Sunday April 28, 2002   03:57:25
By: Augustin Lupaccino

Comments: This site is a vital tool for the dissemination of the truth. The age-old evil of anti-Semitism is never destroyed; it only retreats into the shadows and dark places from which only whispers and rumors are heard (except in the arab world where it can always be clearly discerned by those with ears). This darkness is growing again, and there are no more whispers or rumors, it's out in the open! The venomous lies and hatred are not just being spread by neo-nazi thugs and islamic fanatics, but by an increasing number of people from all walks of life. This is especially true in many morally bankrupt European countries where barely vailed anti-Semitism has a stronghold. We must be ever vigilant and prayerful. May God be with the United States and the State of Israel.

At: Saturday April 27, 2002   19:57:07
By: Joyce S.Steinhardt

Comments: THank you. I find the site very interesting

At: Saturday April 27, 2002   15:18:50
By: Lev Korinets

Comments: So far so good

At: Saturday April 27, 2002   13:06:24
By: Joy L. Wezelman

Comments: Thank you, thank you.

At: Friday April 26, 2002   19:03:34
By: Joseph and Dellie Herzog

Comments: no comments

At: Friday April 26, 2002   16:00:14
By: Howard Rosenbloom

Comments: It's about time Israel and the Jewish people started to tell the world what is really happening instead of making excuses for Arafat and letting him get away with murder.

At: Friday April 26, 2002   11:25:19
By: Javier Yehuda Perl

Comments: hazak veamats Got blease you al. ES UN TRABAJO EXTRAORDINARIO, SHALOM UVRACHA

At: Friday April 26, 2002   07:20:30
By: Aaron Ben Tzvi

Comments: Very nice and accurate.

At: Friday April 26, 2002   01:35:52
By: Toby Lynne Cohn

Comments: no comments

At: Thursday April 25, 2002   12:02:04
By: Gary A. Peters

Comments: Can we count on the UN to not be bias about the damage they are to inspect in Palastine. Why did they not inspect the damage done in Israel by the bombers? And what if what happened in Israel happened in their own contries? And guess who would come to their aid first..the good old USA. P. S........Anyone in the UN bothered by what is happening in France?.....It all has that familiar ring to it does it not?

At: Thursday April 25, 2002   11:40:08
By: Toledano Sarah

Comments: Great web-site, Very good presentation, Keep the good work - KOL AKAVOD

At: Thursday April 25, 2002   09:14:07
By: shirly Nissan

Comments: I whish to send this page to other people, how can i do it???? I`m really happy to see that some one is doning someting, even if is on the comidy way Dont stop, people need to anderstand your point of view!!! if i can do anything just write me back!!!!

At: Thursday April 25, 2002   07:54:48
By: Rabbi Yoinosson Golomb

Comments: There should be a special blessing on the creation of this site. Yasher Koach for spreading the truth in particular the diffinitve statement of Shulchan Oruch -Code of Jewish Law - that forbids the return of any part of Israel which is under her control and that to do so is to endanger the lives of each and every citizen. We now clearly see that the Law was/is right. The only person who can sort the world out.... is Moshiach!

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   21:52:08
By: Martin Malinou

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   21:17:57

Comments: Keep up the good and motivating work

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   19:54:14
By: Florence Kaplan

Comments: Arafat is an arch terrorist and has corrupted a whole generation. I pray this SATAN will be killed. Your site is very informative. Thank you. .

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   17:31:36
By: Naomi Fenton

Comments: I'm spreading the word. Very interesting for us here in London

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   15:46:20
By: Victor Levy


At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   08:09:41
By: Eve Moscoe

Comments: With so much violence and hatred directed at Jews today, I think it is critical that we stay focused on the things we share in common, and not add our voices to those screaming against any of us. This would include issues primarily in Israel of who is a Jew and who is not. We are all Jews, and should recognize that we are stronger when we stand together. This would also include standing together to defend eretz Yisroel against terrorist muslims, or anyplace else where anti-Semitism rises up.

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   05:23:55
By: Davina Bronstein

Comments: At last, where have you been all this time! E-mail the world.

At: Wednesday April 24, 2002   05:12:43
By: Davina Bronstein

Comments: no comments

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   22:52:32
By: Nissan Graham-Mayk

Comments: Thank you.

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   18:27:57
By: Barry I.Chook

Comments: Plz add me to your mailing list. Shalom, Barry (a.k.a. RevBadel)

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   13:28:36
By: Leonard ("Len") Breslow

Comments: This is a great web site. The info it conveys is urgently needed. Keep up the good work!

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   12:19:57

Comments: Great & important site

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   12:15:38
By: Zeev Ben-Itzhak

Comments: At last. Ehere have you been hiding all the time. This is what we need.

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   11:54:59
By: Abraham Berger, mD

Comments: Am Israel Chai

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   06:03:27
By: ingrid schiffler/germany

Comments: I feel very concerned about the Israelian/Palestinian conflict though I'm not Jewish. I got a lot of new information from your site, thank you. Some people around me in Germany and in France have pity with palestinian victims and not with israelian ones which bothers me. When I begin to discuss with them, I observe that they have their opinion and are not willing to review it. They have no patience and time for a lot of facts they ignore. It is to uncommode to change your mind. They tell me that Iraelians have to leave the new settlements. I say okay, and then? They answer: Then they get independance and there will be peace. I answer: Do you really think, that there will not be any more struggle? On the other hand, before the conflict, Germany was considered by several Jews to be the less antisemitic country in the world. Germans had well studied the Holocaust in school, in books, films and newspapers. I think, that this is still true for most of Germans. But there is another fact:They have pity of all kinds of victims, included Holocaust victims, but excluded Israelian victims, because they see a lot of TV-images of destructed houses in palestinian territories and poor women and children within. They are not eager to look for other informations, because TV-images have such a power. Fortunately I am in contact with people all over the world who don't forget Israelians and the homeland they need and they must defend.

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   01:39:22
By: rita lewkowicz

Comments: excellent work -keep it up

At: Tuesday April 23, 2002   01:00:40
By: Hillel Don Lazarus, D.D.S.

Comments: Glad to receive your summaries.

At: Monday April 22, 2002   21:04:12
By: Irving Sherman

Comments: I find the website to be an excellent source for news in the Middle East. How do we get this information into the regular news media? The vast majority of American Jews are pro-Isreal but we need the support of the rest of the country.

At: Monday April 22, 2002   20:36:09
By: Victor Shields

Comments: no comments

At: Monday April 22, 2002   16:25:10
By: Jeffrey Ward

Comments: We are praying for the peace of Jerusalem

At: Monday April 22, 2002   15:51:00
By: jack weinman

Comments: excellent web site

At: Monday April 22, 2002   13:04:57
By: victor zermansky

Comments: well done

At: Monday April 22, 2002   12:57:49
By: Moshe Tamir

Comments: It`s about time to show the truth ! Moishe .

At: Monday April 22, 2002   09:44:35
By: Oren Osterer

Comments: In these days, it seems impossible to spread the truth of what is going on in the Mid-East, but we shall try to make the world realize the sad truths about the Palestinian leadership. No child is respnsible for being brain-washed and manipulated, but the Palestinian regime is. Salam, Peace, Shalom. Oren Osterer

At: Monday April 22, 2002   09:01:29
By: raymond s levy

Comments: no comments

At: Monday April 22, 2002   07:51:01
By: Natalie

Comments: This in an important website - too many rumours and untruths are being expolited by an anti-Israel European press. If only they could see and hear these thruths... Keep up the good work.

At: Monday April 22, 2002   07:19:34
By: Dr. Leon Lipsicas

Comments: Good information, superb presentation.

At: Sunday April 21, 2002   12:09:50
By: Rosalind Juster

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At: Sunday April 21, 2002   10:37:15
By: tibi schwartz

Comments: the best site ! thank u for the oportunity to have it. i recomend to all my friends.

At: Sunday April 21, 2002   00:11:17
By: henryhirsh

Comments: god help us now

At: Saturday April 20, 2002   21:38:24
By: Charles Melmed

Comments: Great Site. Keep up the good work!

At: Saturday April 20, 2002   20:43:21
By: Kathleen Gorjian


At: Saturday April 20, 2002   14:41:45
By: Baruch Guttmann

Comments: O.K.

At: Saturday April 20, 2002   11:35:58
By: Israel Khoshen

Comments: The site name says it all, a must in this day and age of false propaganda. Keep going.

At: Saturday April 20, 2002   10:16:31


At: Saturday April 20, 2002   09:32:18
By: vital matok

Comments: hold our hand and help us wash the terror from the heart of the world. Its blood on the worlds hands and this is the blood of victims of terror from all over the world.

At: Saturday April 20, 2002   01:59:41
By: Gady Shlasky

Comments: ' '

At: Friday April 19, 2002   15:13:19
By: Roy D. Mercer

Comments: I happened on your site today because a friend sent me the UN racism cartoons. The site looks interesting and I look forward to spending some time here. Regards, Roy D. Mercer.

At: Friday April 19, 2002   15:11:26
By: Roy D. Mercer

Comments: no comments

At: Friday April 19, 2002   15:11:26
By: Roy D. Mercer

Comments: no comments

At: Friday April 19, 2002   13:06:45
By: Marcelo Wiersch

Comments: Israel and the jewish cause need a lot of this kind of work. Bravo.

At: Friday April 19, 2002   04:52:45
By: E. Aibey

Comments: God and all who believe in democracy and freedom bless all of those who take part in this difficult job of bringing true objective facts to the knowledge of those who come across this site. Is there a way to further publish this web site? (links through major sites ALSO IN EUROPE please). It is time that the lies shown by the world press will end and more of the whole truth will be presented. Go ahead, good work, HAZAK VE-EMATS. E. Aibey (Belgium). p.s. who deals with the issue of two states for two people in which there will be one state for Palestinians ONLY (i.e. Palestine with out Jewish settlers) and another, for Palestinians AND Israelis TOGETHER (i.e. Israel with more than one million Palestinians settlers)? Is it two states for two people one state for each - OR two states for one people, and one of the states will be temporarily (till Palestinians come a majority in Israel within less than 20 years) for both people? And what than?? (I am a little confused about this issue). p.s.(2) do not neglect the Netherlands language.

At: Thursday April 18, 2002   23:55:07
By: Mendy Maierovitz

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At: Thursday April 18, 2002   16:24:03
By: Annette Paquot

Comments: Bravo! Tres interessant!

At: Thursday April 18, 2002   08:03:55
By: Guez Olivier

Comments: This web site have primordial importance for the understanding of what's goin' on in this region!for those who still does not see the real "picture", For those who are blinded by the disinformation of the medias! Let's support the truth! Let's support Israel!

At: Thursday April 18, 2002   02:34:13


At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   16:52:52

Comments: I was introduced to your site through an israeli link. I find it very informative and interesting. I would like to know if you have an equivilant site in french. If you do please forward me the address. TODAH RABAH AND CHAG SAMEACH

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   16:07:42
By: Gemma Blech

Comments: Good to get this site...

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   14:28:49
By: Dr. Abraham Shampanier

Comments: Keep up the sacred work ! Your success is ours

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   11:59:31
By: Adam Lewkovitz

Comments: The truth must be known. Keep up the good work!

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   10:37:19
By: Marilyn Sunshine

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   07:08:20
By: gabi shtainberg

Comments: great site! you are showing the truth of what's happening here in ISRAEL

At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   07:07:44
By: Eliyahu Porat

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At: Wednesday April 17, 2002   06:12:03
By: Karina Sehayek

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At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   19:20:40
By: Malcolm Richman

Comments: Excellent web site, keep up the good work.

At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   15:13:13


At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   12:14:40
By: israel zamir


At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   11:43:13
By: Ady Granot

Comments: I am deeply impressed but it is not suficient to explain the situation in the web.It must be done on all the countries to understand what is the real palestinian mentality.

At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   07:18:45
By: celi maltz raskin


At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   05:34:12
By: Metin CAZES

Comments: So true but so painful

At: Tuesday April 16, 2002   03:32:20

Comments: Between the USA, France and United Kingdom - where were they when we needed them during the Holocaust? They should focus on problems in their own countries and stop dictating Israel's future.

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   20:42:46
By: Paul M. Goldberg

Comments: Keep up the good work!

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   16:17:13
By: David Yehezkel

Comments: Right on! Let the real truth be spread amongst all nations.

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   06:28:44
By: Jacqueline van den Boogaart

Comments: I was from pesach till 12 april 2002 in Israel and I did not only see but also feel the truth I pray the eyes of the world will be opened soon jacqueline van den boogaart

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   03:08:51
By: James H. Merson

Comments: Splendid, informative and very inspiring...beautifully done and with great depth. May God bless Israel and its' people.....and God bless America............JHM

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   02:17:57
By: Barbara Lee

Comments: Please send the email regarding David Horowitz's video/audio. I was unable to download it and therefore, unable to email it to CNN. Thank you.

At: Sunday April 14, 2002   01:28:06
By: Robin Muer

Comments: It's about time that I finally see something positive about Israel on the internet. Keep it up. I wish more people could see it and learn the truth. Am Yisrael Chai!

At: Saturday April 13, 2002   15:51:21
By: sylvain assouline

Comments: no comments

At: Saturday April 13, 2002   15:01:53
By: Shella in Atlanta

Comments: We are seeing the ongoing anti-Semitism that has hobbled civilization since the beginnings of Judaism. What is happening now with the Arab (and mainstream media's) presentation of twisted facts is no different than the virulent, rabid anti-Semitism propogated by Hitler and his followers to incite destruction of the Jews. Anti-Semitism is a popular theme that will never go away, affirming the need for Israel's continued existence and her current efforts at self-preservation by rooting out the terrorists. Interesting how the United Nations, the Europeon Union, and the Pope all made no comments or condemnations of the suicide terrorists or the rapid anti-Semitism evident in the Arab press and policies against Israel and her citizens, yet they readily condemn Israel's efforts to protect her citizens from the bloody heartless actions of the terrorists. No other country who captured territory when defending against its aggressors is labeled an occupying force, while Israel is. The reason is anti-Semitism. No one considers Jordon or Lebanon to be occupying forces even though they took over land assigned by the U.N. to the Palestinian Arabs during the 1948 partition. Yet, when Israel captured the Arab lands during conflicts it did not start, why is it singled out for the label of occupying force? The answer is anti-Semitism. It is irrational, pervasive, unending, and unresolvable. It existed from the beginning of Judaism and will continue during the whole existence of humankind, because it is so ingrained, there must be a genetic basis for it, as certain groups teach their children hatred as part of their mainstream religious and civic curriculum. The present situation of the media casting negative light upon Israel's self-defense reminds us of the irrationality that controlled citizens in Massachusetts during the witch trials. It is irrational for Israel to sit still while its citizens are being randomly murdered, its economy suppressed by unending violence thrust upon it by hostile neighbors, and in the face of continued undermining of its existence by the world communities who sit silently while Israel's Arab neighbors attempt in unending fashion to destroy its very existence. I pray that G-d will give Israel and her citizens the strength to carry on. Only history will prove the truth and the validity of her position in this conflict.

At: Saturday April 13, 2002   11:56:04
By: Lazar(LARRY) Smilovici

Comments: well done

At: Saturday April 13, 2002   08:03:38
By: S. T.

Comments: This is one of the worst propaganda sites I have ever seen. What you try to do is a bad smear campaign...yours sincerely, S.T.

At: Saturday April 13, 2002   02:47:56
By: Ayal Kalman - Costi

Comments: I consider this site as a very important source of obiective information

At: Friday April 12, 2002   20:40:25
By: Roger M C Abrahams

Comments: An excellent publication pointing things out ignored by the pro-Palistinian media!

At: Friday April 12, 2002   16:36:39
By: Seymour C. Hyman

Comments: Great web page. I couldn't get your videos- couldn't contact your server.

At: Thursday April 11, 2002   23:10:08
By: Frederick Arthur Remington

Comments: Excellent, balanced and thoroughly researched articles. In my opinion, the fundamental threat not only to Israel, but to the Jews of the world, is the reemergence of virulent anti-Semitism.

At: Thursday April 11, 2002   16:38:07
By: Hans Holtrop

Comments: Wonderful site !

At: Thursday April 11, 2002   05:22:52
By: Jonathan Labaton

Comments: I appreciate and value the effort you are doing to show the world what really is going and has been going on in Israel since May 1948. The arab world seeks to destroy us, today through a saudi plan which would only delay our death, as it calls for pre-1967 borders (which do not grant us with strategic military defence borders), the return of the "palestinian refugees" (which would end the jewish majority of Israel) and the division of our capital, Jerusalem. I wish your mesage of truth spreads all over the world, specifically in USA, as we need its support to continue our fight for independence and freedom as a jewish eternal nation.

At: Wednesday April 10, 2002   14:22:05
By: Carmela Schauffer

Comments: no comments

At: Wednesday April 10, 2002   13:14:48

Comments: .

At: Wednesday April 10, 2002   05:46:14
By: dina karako

Comments: I have been informed accidentally through a friend about your site. Thank you all for creating such necessary and important site. God bless you! Dina Karako

At: Monday April 08, 2002   15:32:49
By: Reuben Yomtoubian

Comments: Why don't you include the following in your web site; 1- How Moslem parents and children beat themselfs during Ashura month (a vedio tape would be great) 2- Compare the mentality of Jewish Mom with Molems Mom. 3- Compare the rights of Jews in Arab land with Arabs is Israel 4- Review the Koran; Display the references to Jews, Christian and "Kaffar". 5- History of Terror in Moslem Land 6- Compare the contribution of Jews and Moslems to the world (Nobel Price winners) 7- What Arab country has killed most Palastenians. 8- The worst enemy of Arabs is the Arab leadership. Majority of Arabs are OK. The problem is their leadership and corruption in Arab world. Evey one is for themself in every case except when in comes to Israel. Good Luck, Reuben

At: Sunday April 07, 2002   18:06:32
By: Arnold & Muriel Grobman

Comments: ust received this web site.will pass it on to others.very informative

At: Saturday April 06, 2002   22:53:22
By: Michael A. Koplen

Comments: Excellent! Refreshing! Great cartoons and editorials. Much needed.

At: Saturday April 06, 2002   20:06:57
By: Ben Powell

Comments: This is an excellent site! Someone quoted an article on Netscape's message board, so I decided to have a look. I especially enjoyed the cartoons! I will add a link to you to the links I usually post for newcomers to the discussion board.

At: Saturday April 06, 2002   10:32:24
By: jeff weinstein

Comments: I wanted to support your site so I made a donation of $50 to Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund - I hope it goes to support your site. Did I donate to the correct fund?

At: Saturday April 06, 2002   03:35:56
By: Jeffrey Maurice Miller

Comments: It is a pity that more people do not see or realise the the truly necessarey reason for the IDF to go into the West Bank to "clean it up". Keep the reporting coming. Good work. Jeff Miller

At: Friday April 05, 2002   14:46:53
By: Neil Y. Siegel

Comments: Attribution of quotes to allow verification is critical, and I'm glad to see that you provide available info. to allow that process to proceed. Too much is "passed on" without knowing if it is true.

At: Friday April 05, 2002   06:38:07
By: Hizkiyahu Gerez

Comments: Truth must and will win

At: Thursday April 04, 2002   03:12:08
By: Chris Paraskevas

Comments: Please do not hold back this time Israel. You must finish this once and for all. I think people around the world do not know enough about yassa arafat to make an informed decision. It is the fault of the Western world that Jews are still dying today. We cry and feel sympathy everytime there is a terrorist attack on Israel, and when you strike back we demand peace. We bow to what the arabs say because they control the oil in the world, you couldn't get enough oil together to buy my childs life why do we bow to them for the life of your children. I would be willing to walk to work everyday and not buy fuel if that sent a strong enough message to the arabs that i do not care about there oil, then they would hurt. In a hundred years of walking i would not have enough blisters to come anywhere near the fear and pain that you go through on a daily basis. Please finish this now, educate the western world on Arafat then watch the politicians around the world cower for supporting him in the past. A noble peace prize, he must think we are idiots for giving him this award. Free yourself today Israel finish this war once and for all, Arafat must meet his fate with the lord and you have to organise the meeting. My heart is with you if i can help in anyway please let me know. Chris.

At: Wednesday April 03, 2002   21:36:41
By: Paul Fawcett

Comments: There are alot of us with you out their. Don't be discouraged by the left-lib media and their biased coverage. Everyone I've talked to is on Israel's side in this dispute.

At: Tuesday April 02, 2002   15:30:07
By: Josh Y gilead

Comments: very educational and ineteresting I am already a very old member of the LIKUD

At: Monday April 01, 2002   21:51:06
By: GS D Morris, Ph.D.

Comments: Terrific site that is doing the work that will shift the momentum in our favor-thankyou, you can count on me to help-Don

At: Monday April 01, 2002   12:01:54
By: Clayton W. White

Comments: Enjoy your website and would appreciate your keeping me up to date. Most of the media; both TV and print is too liberal. Maybe I can find the truth with you! The liberal press is gradually destroying this country. They are trying to finish off what Clinton started !!! Thanks.

At: Sunday March 31, 2002   13:58:11
By: Selim Amado

Comments: Your site is doing a very important job

At: Thursday March 28, 2002   04:26:19
By: Dr. Roberto B. Soldinger

Comments: Please don't stop your valuable contribution!

At: Tuesday March 26, 2002   20:03:56
By: Lewis Katz

Comments: Earlier I tried to sign the letter against Palestinian statehood, but I could not connect with the indicated website.

At: Thursday March 21, 2002   06:42:25
By: Dr. Leon Lipsicas

Comments: Wonderful presentation.

At: Monday March 18, 2002   06:14:22
By: david attias

Comments: Comments: Great PowerPoint presentation re: Zionism. Thanks for this. http:\\

At: Sunday March 17, 2002   06:25:39
By: Tuvia and Sharon

Comments: As we prepare for our conversion to Judaism, and see the tragedies once again befalling our people, we wonder when we will all wake up to our Gd given right to all the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When the evil alliance between Chrstianity and Islm will eventually be exposed, as all things will be, perhaps then all our people will look to our Father in heaven and say You were right all along - Your Torah is right, Your prophets were right, and Your sages have been right all along - we place our trust in You! Rise up, Israel. Stand together for what Gd has given you - a Land and a heritage worth fighting for!

At: Thursday March 14, 2002   12:42:02
By: Sherry Clingenpeel

Comments: why in the world would Americas President say and pressure Israel to stop her war on terrorist,Look what we are doing to protect USA> Israel has every right to the land given her by GOD himself. does the world not see this ,Blessed are those who bless her cursed are those who curse her or turn againist her. We the USA owe Israel all that our nation is ,she has allways stood with us no matter what.If we turn on Israel everyone of us in this land will suffer for the wrong choice being made by our leaders and for what ?,right is right and wrong is not what usa needs,Please all people pray for Jerusalem Peace and her right to defend herself at all cost,s So goes Israel goes the world, God allways moves thru Israel first. Thank you for listening, May GOD bless and guide this hole WORLD>

At: Tuesday March 12, 2002   15:27:58
By: Agnes Vertes

Comments: I am furious at the New York Times that is repeating what it did during the Holocaust. Holocaust news items, if they did appear, appeared somewhere inside on page 25 or so. Now, the head lines, which is what most people read,always emphasize for example "30 Palestinians Die in Israeli Raid" and somewhere burried in the middle is the fact that it was in retaliation for 15 Israeli teenagers were killed by Palestinian suicide bombers. This policy is, of course, followed by the TV stations as well. Eg: CNN, NBC, ABC etc. The whole world abandoned us to Hitler during the Evian conference and it seems to be happening again.

At: Sunday March 10, 2002   01:01:36
By: Adele and Azriel Ayalon

Comments: We are sure this is a very worth while site. Have not yet had a chance to study it, but fully intend to do so. Keep up the good work.

At: Tuesday March 05, 2002   10:49:53
By: Norwegian

Comments: Sharon and Arafat should have been "erased". To many innocentlifes have been lost on both sides in this tragic war. Shame on us all for this happening in 2002 !!!

At: Sunday March 03, 2002   09:48:09
By: Yehuda Pinto

Comments: Thank you! Essential effort! We, the Jewish people as a nation,are few and we are portrayed as monsters. We are framed as a financial monster abroad, and a military and religiously in Israel. I am sharing the cause 100%. Thank you for all the effort in trying to save Israel, and the Jewish right.

At: Wednesday February 27, 2002   15:29:27
By: ruth goetz

Comments: A terrific and informative site. Thanks.

At: Wednesday February 27, 2002   14:08:57
By: michael a. patchen

Comments: Shalom and Thank You

At: Wednesday February 27, 2002   10:54:51
By: Mihai Simionescu

Comments: The land entriely belongs to Israel. There is no Palestinians territory... I try to say that in my articles in a Newsleeter of a Christian Foundation. I am not Jew or journalist either. But I have a deeply respect for Israel & Israeli. They are the God's people. Do not let the Arabs tell you what you have to do or to say, they (arabs/palestinians) do not belong to this land. They have to come back to where they came from. Shalom !!!

At: Wednesday February 27, 2002   09:21:14
By: AuneMaria Vhkangas

Comments: I believe that the Almighty Lord has promised the land of Israel to His people. As a follower of Jesus, the Only Son of God, Who was born Jew, I love Jews. Stay strong, Israels! You aren't alone: you have won a lot of friends, who pray with you and for you, who wish peace to Jerusalem and who bless you, who trust that God's Word is true. (Joel 3:20)

At: Tuesday February 26, 2002   19:29:09
By: Isaac Etessami

Comments: This is A GREAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!. Please, keep up the good work!!!!!

At: Tuesday February 26, 2002   13:47:57
By: David

Comments: God Bless us all David, Israel

At: Tuesday February 26, 2002   06:52:24
By: Prof. Gershon Borovsky

Comments: Thank You!

At: Monday February 25, 2002   22:06:58
By: pete

Comments: The biggest enemy of Israel is disunity. Why can't Beilin and Peres accept that they brought the country to its biggest crisis in decades and accept the will of the majority instead of undermining their own government.

At: Thursday February 21, 2002   22:30:51
By: Rabbi Bernard B. Goldsmith

Comments: no comments

At: Thursday February 21, 2002   12:17:36
By: Jeffrey Neubauer

Comments: Keep up the great work. I value your emails that I receive daily. G-d bless.

At: Thursday February 21, 2002   02:42:35
By: Janet Lawrence

Comments: Great PowerPoint presentation re: Zionism. Thanks for this.

At: Thursday February 14, 2002   21:37:20
By: Dan Robbins

Comments: please keep us posted with new updates...thank you.

At: Wednesday February 13, 2002   05:09:35
By: Renata Raisova

Comments: You do great thing! All respect!Because not all poeple are speaking english, I translate some chosen information into czech language on

At: Wednesday February 13, 2002   01:19:57
By: Allyson Rowen Taylor

Comments: Great Website, and I am behind your cause 100%. Thank you for all the effort in trying to save Israel, and the rights of Jews.

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At: Thursday February 07, 2002   21:56:29
By: Julian Lee

Comments: Look forward to future presentations!

At: Thursday February 07, 2002   16:41:29
By: Shalom NeSher

Comments: The real and final struggle against Anti-Semitism is economic as explained on our Site:

Name :   stella
Comment :   You are doing a brilliant job! Keep up the good work of helping to bring the truth about palestine to the world!Many here in Europe are blinded to the truth , but seems they are now coming round.... MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN 2002!

Name :   Israel Bar-Nir
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Comment :   Very stimulating and very helpful I. Bar-Nir

Name :   debbie and shlomo Zayit
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Comment :   Great powerpoint presentations this should certainly put people straight !! we wish !! You're doing a great service to the "less educated" on Israel Happy New Year Debbie

Name :   raf prom
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Comment :   great job. proffessional. helps greatly to undrstand whats happenning. thank you go on

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Name :   Miriam Shleger
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Comment :   Thank you for providing the public with right and truthful information. Wishing you for the upcoming 2002 peace, good luck and success...

Name :   Sulamit Shure
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Comment :   I am very interested all regarding Israel. Politics, etc. My son David Shure is studying medicine at Sackler Medical School in Tel-Aviv, so I am interested all that goes on in the medical field in Israel. How can I contribute to your paper? Shalom, Su

Name :   Bobbie Ghitis
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Comment :   Great web site. Thanks for all the valuable information. Your web site is being recommended by our synagogue in San Antonio, Texas. Your cartoons are outstanding. They truly reflect the "upside down" world we are living in.

Name :   Rponses-Isral
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Comment :   Congratulations on doing such a good and necessary job. You are much needed.

Name :   Tamar Rush
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Comment :   Yours is a great site and a valuable contribution to helping others understand the truth about our country and the dangers we face. My family has been in Eretz Israel for 6 generations and we have no intention of leaving, so the Pals might just as well

Name :   Harold Barach
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Comment :   Excellent reporting. Please place me on your permanent e-mail list. Thank you.

Name :   Harold Barach
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Comment :   Excellent reporting. Please place me on your permanent e-mail list. Thank you.

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Comment :   A most informative site

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Comment :   It is a very very good presentation. You gave me a new look. I never considered Arafat's uniform as meeningfull.

Name :   Bernard Jones
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Comment :   The Whole World must remember that Israel has the right to exist. That Israel must continue to exist. People outside Israel must know that they are only getting one side of the story. People outside Israel should allow Israel to work things out i

Name :   dick halpern
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Comment :   Delighted the site is up. Power point presentation excellent. It can be easily printed out in color with further reproduction easily done at Kinkos. But -- a printed presentation doesn't have the same impact as a pp...and maybe some sort of a truncated on

Name :   Zvi Keren
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Comment :   Iam unterested to see your forward commentary about this complicated issue!

Name :   Steve
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Comment :   Excellent slide show! Bravo. This is the real story behind the conflict in Israel. To find out more, go to

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Comment :   Thank you for putting together this site with information that lights up the Middle East issues in a different way and helps balance the biased media. Thank you!

Name :   Jonathan Safren
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Comment :   Your slideshow MidEast Truth is an excellent information tool for both Jews and the community at large. I passed it on, at their request, to scores of Reform rabbis.

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Comment :   Netzach Israel Lo Yeshaker! (N I L Y)

Name :   Julian Lee
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Comment :   Thank you for this important information. Julian Lee

Name :   Tamar Rush
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Comment :   Good luck with your site, it is a most welcomed expression of honesty and the fight against media bias. I would like to know more about your group, are you in Israel? If so, where? I am a 5th generation Sabrit, living in Herzelia and, am veru intere

Name :   Zeev Hagali
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Comment :   1.- My best Congratulation to this iniciative. 2.- I have a lot of friends they cannot English but yes Spanish. 3.- You have contact with the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, Givat Haviva?:Director Riad Kabha Researcher-Haifa Univ. Yair Bauml

Name :   Howard Hart
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Comment :   You are doing a great work for a great cause ... keep it up.

Name :   gill
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Comment :   Keep up the good work. What you are doing - Israel's government should have done years ago... I, on my part, will email any update on your site to just whoever I can! Thanks again, Gill

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Comment :   I show your presentation to teachers in Canada.We have decided to have a panel evening with the students and thie parents and to show that I would like to ask you somequestinos regarding it.

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Comment :   You are doing an Herculean task.No amount of honesty,fairness and truth,however, will convince the world at large that Israel is fighting for its survival as a jewish democratic state.The world at large,let's face it,was,is and alays will be anti jewish,a

Name :   ELLIOT H.
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Comment :   It's time that we take care of ourselves. By this time we should know that WE MUST DO SO...we can't count on any one except the Almighty. G-d takes care of those who take care of themselves. anyone else..

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Comment :   I believe that your site is a very important one as it is spreading the truth about world-wide terrorism and also about anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activity. I commend you for the work involved in maintaining the site and distributing the Power Point pres

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Name :   Ezra
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Comment :   We appreciate your excellent efforts towards spreading the truth. The Palestinians have stated repeatedly that they want to destroy Israel, why don't people believe them ? I wrote this article earlier: No to a Palestinian State, Yes to Autonomy http:

Name :   Ezra
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Comment :   No to a Palestinian State, Yes to Autonomy

Name :   Judy Miller
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Comment :   Thank you for offering a website that tells the truth about this conflict. Why can't we get the Israeli point of view into the media more? The Palestinians continue to promote terrorism and teach their children to hate. Why doesn't American news media eve

Name :   Robert Harsanyi
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Comment :   In Sweitz they started an International meeting with the purpose to speak rubbish about Israel. The French President condemning Israel for the bombing Palestinian Authority's offices. The world - mainly the Europian leaders - are looking desperately reas

Name :   Arik
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Comment :   ACHI, ATA GADOL

Name :   Neil Schwartz
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Comment :   A thorough and encouraging cover or some of the world's press. It is good to know that there are some people who understand our position.

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