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Choosing Murder Over Dialogue - A New PowerPoint Presentation
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Palestinians, Israel announce cease-fire - February 8, 2005

Beyond the Facts:

Middle East Truce - The Washington Post

Reason for Cheer in the Mideast - The New York Times

A Chance to Live Without Fear - The Los Angeles Times

Mideast gains - The Boston Globe

Abbas's absent talk of compromise - The Jerusalem Post

The end of 'The Arafada'? - By Margot Dudkevitch and Amir Mizroch, The Jerusalem Post

A summit that's a start - Haaretz

The Mideast's Moment - The New York Post

Analysis: Introducing pre-road map era - By Herb Keinon, The Jerusalem Post

Abbas wins PA chairmanship by landslide - January 10, 2005

Beyond the Facts:

The problem with Mahmoud Abbas
- By Jeff Jacoby

From 'Strong Man' to 'Good Man' - By Bret Stephens

Arafat's Heir - By Charles Krauthammer

How to help Abbas - The Jerusalem Post

Our Test for Abu Mazen
- By Natan Sharansky
Rabbis and imams unite against religious extremism


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